Om namah shivay

About the ashram

The message of Babaji’s teachings is universal, addressed to people in general, regardless of the religion they follow or the culture they are affiliated with. The teachings support all paths and religions that lead human beings toward living in harmony with the Divine.

The Ashram in Lanckorona started in 2004. With the help of many friends, we were able to bring order to our newly acquired property. To this day, I feel very grateful for the many hands, minds and donations that created this place. Special thanks to Sri Muniraj Maharaj and Alokh Bannerjee, who helped initiate the place called Bhole Baba Seva Dham.

What is an ashram? An ashram is an educational place to learn about yourself. The teachings of ashram transcend religion, politics and gender. The teachings presented on our site are accessible to everyone.

Lanckorona is beautiful, and the ashram is located just below the castle ruins at the very top of the mountain. In the beginning we only had yoga groups, and gradually we also served as boarding accommodations. Later we added a café.

Many international Babaji devotees visit the ashram. Babaji’s group in Poland continues to grow, and your donations are sincerely appreciated.

Fire ceremonies take place once a week on Monday mornings, and meditations in the temple are held upon request.

It is possible to come for a one- or two-week retreat to learn Sri Babaji’s teachings, such an experience is enough to take home the benefits. It is also possible to follow the teachings online if you cannot visit our place. Babaji’s teachings are basic and can be practiced by anyone at any time.

If you would like to come to us, please send an SMS or TEXT to Parmanand at +48 667 770 100 or email

Bhole Baba Seva Dham – Academy of Enlightened Leadership

Karma Yoga, or service to humanity, is the essence of the teaching of the great Himalayan yogi Sri Babaji.

An international team of Sri Babaji’s disciples has located a place for meditation, reflection, and spreading the teachings through karma yoga in Lanckorona, Poland. We are raising funds to purchase this property to give it a future as an educational site for Sri Babaji’s teachings.

In our experience, the essence of Babaji’s teachings can be assimilated in a 14-day intensive training, including food and lodging. The second path of training is online education.

It is the wish of the foundation’s board of directors that Babaji’s educational facility in Lanckorona be open for the time being to people of all backgrounds and walks of life, and to the next generation.

Sri Babaji’s teachings are of complementary value to the teachings that can currently be acquired in schools and Universities that do not currently provide this knowledge.

Academy of Enlightened Leadership

It is easy to see that politicians and leaders are failing in today’s challenges to bring harmony and prosperity to their society. However, we see a generation of emerging leaders whom we want to help guide with the principles of Enlightened Leadership.

It will take two semesters of two months each to fully study these principles of Enlightened Leadership. This study can be followed at the ashram in Lanckorona or online.

What topics students can expect to learn about:

  1. Knowledge of Being. Who am I? Modern education does not provide knowledge of the Self, the container of knowledge.
  2. Deepening knowledge and practicing perseverance. Study of the basic principles of Ayurveda-an ancient science of mental and physiological health.
  3. Development of an engaging vision of what you want in life.
  4. development of leadership skills through self-reflection.
  5. Development of high diplomatic and communication skills. Being part of the creation of the Prevence organization to avoid international conflicts. The goal of the Prevence organization is nuclear disarmament.

6.We draw the attention of world leaders to the development of sustainable food production and renewable energy.

  1. implement the value of ancient techniques in generating functioning according to the rhythms of the seasons.
  2. Accelerate the popularization and implementation of gender equality, inclusion and diversity policies.
  3. become the founder of globalization 2.0, in which human values come first, which creates a stable foundation for healthy economic growth and prosperity.

About Our Foundation

What is the goal of the foundation?

The amount to be raised is 250,000.00 euros.

What is the purpose of the funds?

  1. to enable the Bhole Baba Foundation to purchase the property from the current owners.
  2. To finish the insulation and install renewable energy in the building.

Where can I get more information?

Contact one of the board members.

.Wilhelmus Burgmans – Tel: +31 620 535 627 – E-mail:

Franciscus van de Logt – Tel: +48 667 770 100 – Email:

How to donate?

We accept donations via Stripe:

Use the link: Stripe.

Or directly to the Bhole Baba Foundation account:

ING Silesia Bank

Account number PL46 1050 1445 1000 0090 3043 5474

Account owner name Bhole Baba Foundation, Św. Jana, 34-143 Lanckorona, Poland