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Retreat center Lanckorona Poland


Karma Yoga, or service to humanity, is the essence of the teaching of the great Himalayan yogin Sri Babaji.

An international team of students of Sri Babaji established a place of meditation, reflection, and learning through karma yoga in Lanckorona, Poland. We are raising funds to buy this estate and give it a future as an educational place for the teachings of Sri Babaji.

Our experience is that the essence of Babaji’s teaching can be grasped in a 14-day intensive training, including board and lodging. A second option is online-based training and education. 

The foundation board wishes that Babaji’s educational place in Lanckorona is open to people from all walks of life for now and the next generations.

The teachings of Sri Babaji have a complementary value of knowledge that can currently not be gained at schools and universities. 

Enlightened Leadership Academy

It is easy to notice that today’s leaders cannot cope with challenges to bring harmony and prosperity to their society. However, we see a generation of emerging leaders whom we want to help with the principles of Enlightened Leadership.

A complete study of these principles of Enlightened Leadership will take two semesters or two months. The study can be followed at the ashram in Lanckorona or online.

Which topics can students expect:

  1. Knowledge of the Self. Who am I? Modern education does not provide knowledge of the Self, the container of knowledge. 
  2. Deepening of knowledge and practice of resilience. Study of the basic principles of Ayur Veda. The ancient science of psychological and physiological health.
  3. Develop a compelling vision of what you want in life.
  4. Leadership development through stakeholder-centered coaching.
  5. Development of high diplomatic and communication skills. Being a part of creating a Prevense organization to avoid international conflicts. The goal of the Prevence organization is nuclear disarmament. 
  6. Bringing the attention of world leaders to the development of sustainable energy and food production.
  7. The value of ancient techniques to generate proper seasonal rhythms.
  8. Speeding up gender equality, inclusion, and diversity.
  9. Become a founder of globalization 2.0 where human values come first, creating a stable foundation for healthy economic growth and prosperity.

Where can I get more information?

Contact one of the board members.

Wilhelmus Burgmans – Tel: +31 620 535 627 – Email:

Francis van de Logt – Tel: +48 667 770 100 – Email:


We welcome donations via stripe: 

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Or directly to the account of the Bhole Baba Foundation:

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Account holder address:         Św. Jana, 34-143 Lanckorona, Poland

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