Bhole Baba Seva Dham

Lanckorona, Poland


Bhole Baba Seva Dham

It’s an ashram dedicated to all people and all the religions. Regardless of who you are or which religious tradition you’re following, you will always receive a warm welcome here, for we gather under the Only Truth.

The Ashram in Lanckorona began operations in 2004. Lanckorona is a beautiful town in Poland, and the ashram is located just below the castle ruins at the very top of the mountain. In the beginning we only had yoga groups, and gradually we also served as boarding accommodations. Later we added a café.

We spread the Haidakhan Babaji’s message of truth, simplicity and love, which is made understandable by the revelation——the oneness of human beings and made possible by selfless service (karma yoga) and sweetness of divine love (bhakti yoga).

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