babajiSri Babaji is staying the Himalaya’s  for this moment and meditates for the well being of the whole world. He does not have a mobile but you can call him softly in your own heart.

He does not have a bank account but if you want to do something good you can give some drink, food or help to people who are in need. He does not appear on television but you can see him in the sun or the stars or in the fire,  a flower or a smile.

He has all time of the world to listen to you and can help with solving any problem be it national or personal. Babaji’s teachings are non political, non religious and non commercial. They have an universal character and come solely from the richness of His heart and mind. 

You are cordially invited to visit His ashram in Lanckorona (or elsewhere in the world see footnotes), which is beautifully situated at the hight of 500 meter just near the top of the Lanckorona mountain.


ashram_building2_Medium_Web_viewThe teachings of Bhole Baba is the main inspiration at the ashram: to live the universal principles of Truth, Simplicity, Love and serve Humanity. Regularly there is a program of Aarti, offering of light and singing of mantra’s, in the  morning and evening. It provides a meditative and peaceful experience. Regularly one can attend an havan, Vedic fire ceremony, which works for purifying heart and mind and contributes to harmony with oneself and others. During the day one can participate in karma yoga activities, simple voluntary work, as a means for finding balance in life.

At the ashram one can profit from an ayurvedic consultation for a better and healthier life style. An ayurvedic massage treatment (with warm herbal oil) for your wellbeing is another service one can enjoy. There is time for rest, a walk in the beautiful environment  or a visit to the area with the legendary city of Krakow not far away.

One can visit the ashram on an individual basis, but groups are also most welcome. Groups, if they wish, can follow an appropriate retreat program. In addition to a modest place for meditation morning and evening, there is a room for group activities, such as yoga. The ashram has also rooms for lodging. The meals are vegetarian.

The ashram is easily accessible, even from abroad. There are cheap flights *) to Krakow and Katowice. From Katowice there is a direct airport bus to Krakow central station. From there one can take a taxi, a bus, or train in the direction of Lanckorona. See also below under Travel Information.

Please call or write us at the ashram:

Bhole Baba Seva Dham – Ashram
Św. Jana 16 c,
34-143 Lanckorona, Poland,
Tel: +48 33 876 3514.

Contact persons:

Radha & Paramanand (Renata and Frans van de Logt)
Mobile Renata +48 66 500 0037.
Mobile Franek +48 66 777 0100.

E-mail: om @

Telephone: 0048 338763514.

Travel Information

By plane*): – To Krakow airport Balice. From there take a taxi, train or bus.
or To Katowice airport and from there with an airport bus direct to Krakow Central Station.

By train or international bus: To Krakow Central Station.

From Krakow Central Station: There are regular bus connections to Lanckorona bus stop (duration about 1 hour), just 500 meter away from the ashram. One can call the ashram to be picket up.
From Krakow Central Station one can also take the bus or the train to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska; From Calwaria Zebrzydowska it is only three kilometers to the ashram and one can take a taxi.

The price for a taxi from the airport to the ashram is about 40-50 Euro and from Kalwaria/Lanckorona train station about 8-10 Euro.

By Car: Highway direction Krakow. Before Krakow keep direction Zakopane and Chyzne (national road nr. 7) for about 15 kilometers. Then turn right and follow road nr. 52 direction Bielsko Biały and Wadowice. On this road you will find, about 1 km after the village Izdebnik, a sign directing left to Lanckorona. Turn left and go up the mountain direction Lanckorona.

From the marketplace in Lanckorona: Follow the signs “Ruiny Zamku” to the ruin of the castle. 100 meters after the church you find the entrance of the ashram.

*) Ryan Air, Lufthansa, LOT, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines, Austrian airlines, Air Berlin, Finnair, German Wings among others operate to and from Krakow airport (see also
Easy Jet and Wizz-air among others fly to Katowice and from there one can take an airport bus direct to Krakow.

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