Sanatan Dharma and teaching of Babaji

Sri Babaji often said he was bringing nothing new. He was not bringing any new religion. He talked often about truth, simplicity and love as the key elements in any religion.

Religions as expression in different times and parts of the world created by their prophets are not so different at all. All the times people were looking for means to survive and live in harmony.

Seeking alignment with the source of life is natural. Babaji was all the time pointing on the inner self as the essence of humanity.

Don’t get lost in the differences bur concentrate on that which is essential: health and happiness and not only your own but of your direct environment and your society. Often Sri Babaji emphasized that being human is the best religion and he did not care whether you were an atheist. He said it is better to be a good atheist than a religious person but harming others.

Sanatan Dharma is the eternal law which brings good to all, destroying greed and aggression.

People need rules how to live in harmony. One of the purposes of the ashram is to spread the teaching of Bababji and bring understanding about Sanatan Dharma.

You can contact us for a lecture about Sanatan Dharma:

With the help of a slide show, or Babaji’s teaching cards we can give a lecture of about 45 minutes.

The next 45 minutes can be used for answering questions and a short meditation.

The lecture is for free but you are kindly requested to pay the travel costs of the lecturer and we suggest a donation for the further development of the activities of the Bhole Baba foundation.