Who is Babaji

Who is Babaji? A yogi meditating in the Himalaya for the well-being of all. The intensity of my relationship with Him leaves other relationships in the shade. Appreciating any relation like partner daughter, friends colleague’s this is the relation which most captures my heart, feeding it with some transcendental love difficult to describe in words. The absurd thing is I have never met Babaji in the flesh. If I would not have been meeting with Muniraj who served Babaji for more the 40 years and was with him for 14 years when he was around in a village at the foothills of the Himalaya’s, I would not be so sure of my contact with Babaji which is rather telepathic, some kind of natural text messaging or SMS.

I have been studying on my travels to Indonesia, India and Amerika all major religions and mainly what is similar in them but the teachings of Babaji transcends them all.

Sometimes I would ask Babaji why He did not ask some enlightened yogis to spread his message instead of somebody like me with all kinds of imperfections. He showed me by happenings: In my environment appeared some yogis of which some where obvious inspiring because of their beautiful and high energy and others which obviously made a good business just selling some stupid theory and making some even more stupid followers paying for their life.

Nevertheless I never found the truth, simplicity and love like in Babaj’s message. A message which was not one of renunciation of the world. Babaji equally favored house holders and monks and never showed less appreciation of his devotees which were functioning actively in the world caring for partner and kids, doing their duties in day to day life. In most religions monks have a superior position to householders.

Moreover Babaji very much emphasized duty, selfless serving of humanity. Doing good as the highest form of yoga, Karma Yoga. Serving your family and society with work and love. Meditation for morning and night and action for the day. A teaching for practical people. I have noticed that much so called spiritual teaching is out of context, does not help you in your life, it is useless theory. Spiritual teaching should be practical to help you’re here and now with your life.

Action and duty is the best meditation you can do. Find Balance in rest and action, family and job.

It is a continuous learning process which never ends like a good piece of music.

No greater love

I have not in my life experienced a greater love as that of Babaji. I think my experiences with Babaji were the strongest impressions in my life. I never met him in the body but I had several strong experiences with Him that overwhelmed me very much. These experiences especially occur when I work very intensely for Him, like for instance organizing a big gathering of several hundreds of people in his name.

I can talk for hours about Babaji although he is sitting in the Himalayas at this moment he sometimes shows himself in a dream or vision.

Almost every day I do some worship to Him in the form of a meditation. I am checking my agenda with Him. He is my invisible manager!